Are you looking for survivors of cerebral malaria ?

Are you looking for survivors of cerebral malaria? I suffered in 2000 after going to Mozambique

Hi Nathalie. I had all the symptoms of malaria but 2 blood tests came back negative. I became very ill and was admitted into hospital immediately for more tests which showed me to have cerebral malaria. I was treated with a strong dose of quinine. I was in Intensive Care for a while. In hospital for two weeks I think. I can ask my mother for the details. I was treated in Johannesburg and they had good knowledge of how to treat this awful malaria. I suffered lesions to my many of my major organs. I came very close to death and my mother had begun calling my family telling them that I may not make it. I remember feeling at peace and ‘knowing’ that I was dying. Somehow I woke up. And I am here. No one ever told me about long term effects of this Malaria. Only that it wouldn’t come back like other forms of malaria. But I suffer a lot now from migraines, dizziness, memory problems. I gave thought for a long time that something was just wrong with me. Now I wonder if it is the malaria which almost killed me.

I haven’t spoken to anybody about this

But I find some things a real struggle

Physically I am fine. My mind, maybe not!

I was 22 when I had Malaria. I am originally from South Africa but now live in England.

I am 37 now

I’m not sure I can help but I will try, if I can! Nobody told me that I may have problems later down the line. I have no formal diagnosis to say that the cerebral malaria has caused problems. But I know something is not right and I think there is a strong chance it was the cerebral malaria.

Thank you for replying to me. I may trying to connect with other survivors to see if they also have long term effects of this Malaria.

Thank you. This means so much. I will have a look at your website. I feel so abnormal sometimes! I will look into everything you say.

I will definitely do some more digging. I see the doctor who treated me is still at the same hospital – I never forgot his name! I wanted to write to him and thank him for saving my life. Maybe he still has my medical records which would be very useful now for further investigation. I will also speak to my Mum to find out more.

I do miss the beautiful south African sunshine! But my life is here now.

Did you go for an MRI scan to get the diagnosis?

Nathalie, you can use my story but not my real name please as I’m not ready to talk about it openly. And no picture either please. I could write something a bit better though because that was just me taking.



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